We are R . I . P., Researchers Investigating the Paranormal.

R . I . P. is a not-for-profit paranormal group lead by team owner Lori Gaunder. The team is located in Jacksonville, Florida and focuses our investigations mainly around  Florida and South Georgia.

We do residential homes as well as public locations and businesses but please NO APTS. Because of noise contamination in apts we cannot guarantee the audio being clean.

We also counsel people that have a haunting. And help them understand what is going on in their home or business.

R . I . P. is a paranormal group that was designed to research and investigate the paranormal in a scientific manner. We are dedicated in documenting paranormal phenomenon such as a haunting, poltergeists, apparitions, shadows, E.V.P(electronic voice phenomenon) and other claims of the paranormal.  We are an open-minded group, and try to think outside the box and are open to different approaches. We are affiliated with the Ghost Adventures Family, been featured on a local paranormal show and as well as Syfy's Fact or Faked. This team does NOT practice in provoking spirits. We have complete respect for the non living.

Our services are completely free, there is NO CHARGE to you and we don't accept tips and our team practices extremely professional and reliable services. We are dedicated to help educate the living to better understand the dead.

 Time and time again we go to a home or business and find someone there.

The team is on a search...to find a home or business that IS NOT Haunted.

Has your friends, family or coworkers told you that your home or business is haunted
Would you like to prove them wrong
Go to the Request page for an investigation for Truthful and positive results.



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